20 Of The Most Savage Memes Online

Despite being fascinated by it myself, I never quite understood why we enjoy watching people trash each other on the internet.Speaking from experience, people love engaging with social media posts featuring one person ruthlessly demolishing another. I’ve made countless lists about these so-called “savage people,” and they always seem to do well.It makes you wonder who’s worse: the people acting savage or the ones encouraging it by laughing, sharing and commenting? Or maybe the assholes, like me, who earn a living from propagating the savagery by packaging the most ruthless examples into a neat and convenient list are to blame?Regardless of the answer, my role in this won’t change unless people one day grow a conscience and stop liking this shit. Until then, here’s another good one for y’all to take in.

1. Apparently not

2. He has a point

3. Say a prayer for him

4. Apparently, the friend zone still has room for more

5. You can’t joke about shit like that

6. Little man just killed his teacher

7. Oh shit

8. Too good

9. That’ll teach her

10. Yeah, you read that right

11. Savage level: Dad

12. Thanks for coming

13. Grandma set the savage bar high in this family

14. Ouch

15. Zoarnold’s out for blood

16. Accurate

17. I see that now

18. Poor kid

19. Chick-Fil-A is taking no prisoners

20. Harsh

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