Fact-Checking Policy

Does Huzlers Fact Check?

Huzlers (Because You Loved Being Lied To) is a fictional news blog that focuses on celebrities, hip hop and urban entertainment. Huzlers was launched in January 2014 as mentioned in our about us and on every article we are a fictional news blog and will remain that way until it recognition of the company is established.

Huzlers and “Fake News” we understand that not everyone who reads Huzlers will understand the articles are made for entertainment purposes we criticize/expose/ridicule/mock people or ideas this is called fauxtire many of our readers and followers understand but still plenty of non-reasonable people won’t get the joke or even read the article fully and read the disclaimer on the bottom of every article. What is “Fake News” well fake news is something that has no facts to back it up and is published a website that presents itself as a real source of news. Keep in mind that all news organization can also be bias have their own opinions and political views.

What Is Real News?

The assumption that real news is what established news organization are reporting on their websites or TV network is incorrect. Real news is information that is backed up with facts and sometimes scientific proof not opinions it is very important to remember that everyone has opinions.

Reality and facts is imperfectly known in the way a religious man cannot be changed into thinking his beliefs are false it is embedded into his mind that his religion is the correct one and yours must not. The same can be said about political views and philosophy someone has to be wrong. Always question what you read and do your own research and come to your own conclusion. Now if you watch someone swimming that is real you seen it with your own eyes it is your reality you don’t have to fact check what you witnessed unless you’re mentally unstable and it could’ve been a hallucination.


We do not fact check any of our articles. We are very clear about what Huzlers.com is about. Social media networks use 3rd party fact checkers.

“We’re committed to fighting the spread of false news on Facebook. In certain countries, we work with third-party fact-checkers who are certified through the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network to help identify and review false news.”

Is Fact Checking Important?

Fact-checking political reporting is very important. More fact-checking took place during the 2016 election than in previous elections. Media organizations including NPR and the Washington Post report record-breaking readership of their fact-checking work. Misinformation about politicians/politics can be very dangerous and should be fact checked no matter what news source it is on. All established news organizations can be bias and should also be fact checked they can be very opinionated.