Kanye West Renames His Album Again! Guess What T.L.O.P. Stands For And Gets "Tickets To Season 3 And Free Yeezys"


First it was So Help Me God. Then SWISH. Then Waves. Now, just days before Kanye West’s new album arrives, the self-proclaimed genius has changed his mind once again! Just pick a name and stick with it—or don’t even announce one in the first place.

Making use of his newly-engineered Twitter fingers, Mr. West threw up a shot of him in the studio with a caption that revealed his new album title. Well, at least its acronym: T.L.O.P.

Do you have any idea what T.L.O.P. could stand for? Guess it right and Kanye will award you with a pair of Yeezys and tickets to the Season 3 reveal at Madison Square Garden.

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