Kylie Jenner’s Ex Tyga is the Face Behind the Famous Egg Instagram Account

Calabasas, California — By now, everyone has heard about the infamous Egg Account on Instagram that beat out Kylie Jenner for most liked Instagram photo.  But did you know the face behind the account is her ex Tyga?

“I was super heartbroken when our relationship tanked,” Tyga said.  “But I knew the only way to get back at her was to take the most important thing away from her: Likes on Instagram.”

When reporters asked more about the account, Tyga explained that this is just the beginning. He plans to have the egg come out with its own line of makeup too.  “That’ll show her,” he said.

Reporters said that the new makeup brand, which is apparently “all natural and provided by PETA” will be in department stores by Spring.

Kylie has yet to comment.

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