Men Prove Not To Be So Masculine As Millions Butthurt By Toiletry Ad

Gillette: The best a man can get? Or a catalyst for female dominance threatening to enslave white men? The company’s new advertisement speaking out against toxic masculinity suggests the latter, as millions of men are throwing hissy-fits over a shaving product’s commercial.

While generations of men have prided themselves on their chest-puffing, ass-groping manliness, this stigma suffered deep wounds when Gillette mentioned that bullying and misogyny might not be so cool after all.  Said one man, “It’s just not fair! Like, these women are supposed to gain respect at the expense of my God-given right to say and do whatever I please? It’s so… UGH!” Similar responses have been common since the ad’s release, a phenomenon that social scientists are coining “being a whiny bitch.”

With alpha male fragility at an all-time high, embattled women everywhere are left wondering: were these men ever very “masculine” in the first place?

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