Scientists Question Existence of Pokemon After Live Pikachu Is Caught In Africa!

  KENYA – A shocking discovery has been made in Kenya. The people of a local village in Kenya have captured what appears to be a real live Pikachu.

Pokemon, a multi-billionaire media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 originally as a video game for the gameboy, then later expanded to trading cards, TV shows, movie films, toys, etc. The Pokemon world is inhabited by Pokemon, animals that are caught to fight for sport. There were 151 original Pokemon, and have expanded to over 500 now. Many Pokemon types exist, including water, electric, fire, psychic, rock, etc. The recently captured Pikachu in Africa, is an electric type Pokemon, and has been confirmed to have electric capabilities according to its capturers. See picture of captured Pikachu below:

“It had this weird electric power” says Montassar Hssine, one of the villagers who assisted in the capture of Pikachu, “We couldn’t find a Pokeball anywhere so we had to catch it by hand and put it in a cage. It was sending out jolts of electricity. You can not see the electricity, we know because there were a few of us that touched it and got shocked. It wasn’t a deadly shock, it was more of just a small jolt that made you pull your hand away from it. I felt like Ash Ketchum for a second” said Montassar.

Scientists quickly brought the Pikachu in to study it. Scientists of Kenya are puzzled by the animal, or should I say, Pokemon. The scientists observed that the Pikachu had the body of a Chinchilla, ears of a rabbit, a tail with a shape of a lightning bolt, and it’s fur was yellow, and had small red dots in the cheek area, nearly identical to the Pikachu we all see on TV. “It is nearly Identical, The only big difference from the Pikachu on TV, is that this Pikachu did not have the capability to release enough electricity to physically harm anybody. It did have electric power, but no more than 10 amperes in AC current, which is slightly stronger than a shocking gum toy. It only uses this electricity when touched, shocking the person or animal in self-defense. It also wasn’t as cute as the Pikachu in the show, so, I’m a little disappointed” says Zoologist Michael Mamalyha.

The discovery of the Pikachu has raised many new questions. How many different types of Pokemon are out there? How many Pikachu’s are out there? The Pikachu will be kept at the Masinde Muliro University of Science for further studying. Subscribe to for updates on Pikachu and other discoveries straight to your email.

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