Soulja Boy’s Website Goes Offline After Apple, Nintendo And Sony Threaten To Sue Him

“For anyone that thinks Nintendo is going to sue me you’re retarded,” he tweeted. “Nothings going to happen everything is legit.” unfortunately he was very wrong selling replicas is a crime and Nintendo has contacted his server taking his website offline.

His most recent hot item the SouljaPods yes they are the AirPods retarded little step brother who lives in the attic. Now that his website is offline you’re probably asking will I get my money back? The answer is yes call the bank you been robbed but you deserved it for being a broke boy.

How do we know he’s getting sued we don’t but it sounds better than he’s recived “cease and desist” and ignored them however his hosting company didn’t.

Now ask yourself this why would you buy anything from a guy who calls himself Soulja Boy? He’s 28 and he looks like he’s fighting something and he isn’t winning he looks like a dried up raisin how did he age faster than his mother?

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