Ultimate Travel Tips for Families

Travelling can be a chore. Or a stickily-sweet experience depending on how you go about it.

Now, if you have a family and intend taking them along for the trip, there are a few basic things that need doing and doing right. Check below for some ultimate tips that will let your family have a really great time they will still be talking about for years to come:

Rolling up clothes saves space

  • Packing should be done around a couple of days before the scheduled departure period.
  • There should be a minimum of a change of clothes per person in the hand luggage. That way your family don’t have to get abandoned should the checked luggage vanish!
  • Ensure that you are covered by the correct travel insurance.
  • Families with kids should pack lots of plastic bags. These serve as a temporary holder for the soiled or wet clothing of the younger ones.
  • Be sure that visas and passports are both current validities.
  • Inform your bank beforehand that you are travelling, so that transactions made overseas are not declined.
  • The details of your accommodation, travel and tour bookings should be printed out before the trip begins.
  • Pack only the disposable nappies you will need for the first few days. You can easily buy lots more when you arrive.
  • Before the trip, be sure to check the rewards and or loyalty programs of the hotel you booked into and sign up for any you are eligible for.
  • All items that can leak should be packed inside a leak-proof Ziplock bag.
  • Copies of everyone’s passport should be kept in a safe place in case the original gets misplaced or stolen.
  • If you think your kids might get lost, you can put down your phone number on their arms. That way, you can be reached when they are found.
  • The carry-on should be small enough to fit beneath the seat to your front. That way it is ready at hand whenever the contents need to be accessed.
  • When going to a beach, ensure that you go with your own spades and buckets. Otherwise, prepare to pay a fortune when buying them at tourist centres.
  • Come with lots of baby wipes and hand sanitisers.
  • Tie ribbons to your luggage. This makes them easily distinguishable.
  • Charge up all electronic devices on the night before your trip to continue playing your live casino games while you need to kill some time while waiting for your transport.
  • Should you feel that you will be arriving at your destination by evening, you can make sure that the kids’ pyjamas are the last thing you put into your luggage. That way you can prepare them for bed at the speed of light.


On the Way

Since climate control on most flights can be flaky, it would be best for you and yours to wear layers of clothing that can be easily added to or removed, depending on need.

  • According to science, beating the long queues present at security checkpoints merely requires that you turn left instead of right.
  • To make going through security easier, you and your family should wear shoes and clothing that are easy to take off.
  • To keep your kids always entertained, you should practice those silly but no less loved games they like.
  • Motivate your kids by rewarding good behaviour on the trip.
  • When taking long trips by car, ensure that lengthy rest stops are featured. This lets the kids have fun and burn some energy.
  • Travelling is a matter of filling forms one after the other. Ensure that you have lots of pens with you.
  • Come with plenty of sick bags, in case the strange food causes tummies to run riot.
  • Kids sense the mood of their parents. Thus, be calm and endlessly smile and laugh like you just won the lottery.
  • There are airports and or airlines that offer helpful services to families with kids. Be sure to take advantage of these.


Holiday Love

  • Adjusting to a different time zone can be difficult. The best way to do this is to expose everyone to lots of sunshine. So, schedule a walk in the park or something like that.
  • Staying awake till normal bedtime is key to adjusting to the time zone you are in.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, check out the shops that sell kid things like nappies and such.
  • Rather than buying glitzy souvenirs, why not buy books you can all read together. Such books should have a record of when and where they were bought and will help preserve memories gained on the trip.
  • Let your family take a break now and then and just spend some personal time together doing basically nothing.
  • Unless you have a diamond mine in your backyard, eating out at each meal can be quite expensive. So, stock up on cereal bars and fruits. These make for a great breakfast combo.
  • Ensure that you stay at family-friendly locales and hotels.
  • Get together a day pack that your kids can lug around. This should have lots of water and chewy snacks.
  • Pick hotels where kids can catch fun with other kids while their parents have some rest.
  • Your kids must be involved in making decisions on your daily activities and itinerary.
  • Encourage your children to keep a journal with them where they can detail their experiences. This keeps them busy, hones their penmanship and makes for awesome mementoes.
  • You can teach your kids about money and budgeting by handing over some money so that they can buy things they need.
  • Don’t neglect the family back home- send them postcards.
  • Search for games that keep you engaged with your little ones.
  • Search out games that the kids can use to familiarize themselves with their surroundings.


Home Sweet Home

  • If possible wash your dirty clothes at the hotel before you depart. Coming back from holidays with loads of dirty washing is not exactly awesome.
  • To hone your kids’ perspective, you can inquire as to the differences they perceive between your home and where they spent the holidays.
  • Speedily unpack and get the laundry going. This invariably makes you feel better.
  • To nip jet lag, spend as much time in the sunshine as you can.
  • To keep memories fresh, you can craft a digital holiday album.
  • Encourage your children to draw pictures of the things they liked on the trip. This helps them build memories that last.

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