Which Dennis Rodman Haircut Best Suits You?

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Dennis Rodman is a true American success story and entertainment icon. From his modest beginnings as an overnight janitor, Rodman went from wiping up floors to wiping up glass in the NBA. He led the league in rebounds per game for a record 7 consecutive years. More impressively, he rebounded from a failed marriage to Carmen Electra by marrying himself – now that’ll make an ex jealous! He is 1 of 22 players to ever win 5+ NBA titles, and he is the ONLY player among that group to win the American game show Celebrity Mole (in your face Bill Russell!).

But perhaps the most entertaining thing about Dennis Rodman (aside from his butt-buddy relationship with Kim Jong-un) is the hair. It’s gotta be the hair. The bright dyes and intricate patterns transformed him from man into legend. So now the question remains…

Which Dennis Rodman haircut best suits you?  

Intrigued? Keep going young blood.

Scrounge up some cash for hair dye. The results are in!

Now take a look at why this insane haircut is a perfect fit for you!

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