“White House Visit Challenge” Controversial In An Already Obese America

Americans are trying to house all this food in one sitting.

The White House Visit Challenge has swept the nation following Donald Trump’s massive fast food order for the Clemson Tigers. The challenge, which consists of eating 300 “hamberders,” 100 orders of fries, 75 orders of chicken nuggets, and 10 large pizzas – all in one sitting, is being scorched by health professionals who warn about the dangers of “great American food.”

Participants in the challenge are allowed to compete with as many friends as they wish. However, experts suggest that most people stupid enough to try internet challenges usually don’t have many friends. Said one expert, “It’s usually just a couple lowlifes looking for an excuse to shove burgers in their fat faces. I mean these people, if you can call them that, they’re just… god they’re so dumb.”

Not among the naysayers is the Fast Food industry, which has been booming since the visit. The healthcare industry expects to cash in as well as Americans continue to find ways to clog arteries and expand waistlines. Whether people are in support of the challenge or not, most can agree on one thing – hopefully this was Donald Trump’s Last Supper.

“White House Visit Challenge” Controversial In An Already Obese America

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